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Environmental Policy

Eton Stationers aim is to be your principal source of supply for the delivery of office and related products. In doing so we recognise that our operations will have an impact on the environment. Concern for the environment will be a fundamental part of decision making in all aspects of the company's activities. All company sites will implement and support the environmental management system that is appropriate to their potential environmental impact.

Eton Stationers will aim to:

1. Operate in ways that contribute to lowering energy and fuel usage, reducing carbon emissions and reducing and recycling waste throughout the entire supply chain:

2. Analyse our activities to ensure any risk of pollution, contamination or other environmental impact is controlled and if possible, eliminated;

3. Ensure as a minimum, compliance with all applicable legal requirements, as well as meeting or exceeding other requirements appropriate to the company's activities;

4. Recognise our key stakeholders environmental policies and credentials as part of the process for evaluation and selection;

5. Consider key suppliers' environmental policies and credentials as part of the process for evaluation and selection;

6. Monitor and report, internally and externally, the environmental impact of the company's operations;

7. Strive for continuous environmental improvement through the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets.

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